Monday, 18 October 2021

British diplomat prefers Urdu to wish Muslims Eid Mubarak

LONDON: British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew used a unique way to wish Muslims throughout the country and beyond heartiest greetings on Eidul Azha. The UK envoy took to Twitter to send out the greetings from Islamabad cattle market in a video recorded in Urdu language.

“Assalam walaikum, many of my Muslim friends will celebrate Eidul Azha in coming days. I rally enjoyed visiting Islamabad cattle market and witnessing people purchasing their sacrificial animals. Similarly, in Britain, Pakistan and elsewhere Muslims are celebrating festivities of Eidul Azha. From me and my team Eid Mubarak to all of you,” said the British diplomat.

Muslims in Pakistan and other countries of the region will celebrate Eid on Wednesday while Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and few countries in the west are celebrating the festival of sacrifice today.

Eidul Azha commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to Allah, before the Almighty replaced Prophet Ismail with a ram to be sacrificed instead. It is tradition for those who can afford to sacrifice cattle as a symbol of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son.

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