Sunday, 26 September 2021

British couple found hanged in Cambodia

SIHANOUKVILLE: A British couple have been found hanged in Cambodia with their hands bound together and an apparent suicide note blaming the NHS for ‘constantly letting us down’. The couple have been named as Robert Wells, 36, from Sunderland, and his wife Imogen Goldie, 28, from Camberwell, south London. It is believed they had recently moved to the seaside town of Sihanoukville, in south Cambodia. Friends of the couple said they found their bodies swollen, their eyes blindfolded and mouths gagged. Cambodia newspapers reported their landlord, named as Ian Goodwin, as saying they were due to leave their rented room on December 29 but did not have the money to pay for their accommodation. In the apparent suicide note, recovered by police, it read: ‘Alternatively, you could save on shipping and have the cremation done here in Sihanoukville. It’s a beautiful place and we never wanted to leave, but we understand and this will be the choice of our family. ‘We are sorry, but hopefully we will find peace from depression, bi-polar, Aspergers and the NHS which has constantly let us down. ‘We love you all and hope that memories will take the place of tears, but we are going to be in a better place – either a peaceful oblivion without bad dreams, but who knows, we may find each other again.’  Senior police officer Major General Narin of Sihanoukville said the case was still under investigation. The British Embassy has been alerted to the gruesome discovery.

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