Thursday, 21 October 2021

Bollywood is now open to newcomers: Evelyn Sharma


BOLLYWOOD: She is young, mint fresh and already has a couple of movies with top stars of Bollywood. She might be half German, but the other half is totally Indian.

Evelyn Sharma, who is currently working on improving her Hindi for her upcoming films, feels she is here to stay. “Most people tell me I sound really cute speaking Hindi,” says Evelyn with a smile. “I still have an accent but I’m working on it with Hindi classes and diction teachers,” she adds. And India has been her lucky charm with Evelyn already on her way to achieving her dream of becoming an actor.

She says, “My career has been amazing ever since I landed in Mumbai. I have met lots of warm and friendly people in India and made many dear friends. Now, after two years, I have traveled across India and I have to say I am always amazed by the beauty of this country. Shooting in Manali and the Himalayas was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

Evelyn, who started her career with modeling, says acting was always on her chart. Though, modeling helps as a stepping stone, one has to be clear about their goals. She says, “Many girls use modeling as a stepping stone to get into movies, but it’s actually not that easy. Acting is very different from modeling and you need a different sort of talent for it. I think it’s more about what you love to do. I always loved acting, that’s why I took on the new challenge.”

But this has not just been sheer chance for Evelyn. She was involved in theater and dramatics since her school days and her dreams always centered around becoming an actor. And the efforts are now paying off with films opposite Ranbir Kapoor and Pratiek to her credit. Evelyn says, “I did a lot of theater in Germany when I was in high school and I acted in an English movie as well. It was a big surprise for me to become an international model already, and I was super excited when I got offers for Bollywood movies. I’m very grateful with the way God has led me in my life.” And her stint with Bollywood till now has been smooth and satisfying. She says, “I think Bollywood is open to newcomers. I felt a bit nervous in the first movie, but we all are newcomers at one point and we all have to start somewhere. I feel super blessed working with so many talented people. I can learn so much from them.”

Evelyn, apart from the films and commercials, was also seen in Euphoria’s latest music video. She says it’s her basics that has got her various projects. “I’ve been blessed with a lot of work in India. My mantra and advice is: Keep going to castings, be professional at jobs and always keep a positive mindset.”

Evelyn is now already gearing up to try out something different. She says, “I am meeting up people for new projects. I wish is to play a role completely opposite to my personality so I can experiment more with my talent and grow in a new challenge.”

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