Thursday, 2 December 2021

Birmingham mum who killed son found dead after drugs overdose

Kelly Emery

BIRMINGHAM: A mother who killed her two-year-old son by giving him methadone has died after ‘overdosing on drugs’.

Drug addict Kelly Emery, 36, was discovered unconscious at a bail hostel in Maidstone, Kent, on Friday,

She had been given a six-year jail sentence in 2015 after admitting child neglect when she gave her son Fenton Hogan methadone in 2013 and was released in September.

Emery had wanted to make him sleep so she could get high on drugs, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Emery, from Frankley in Birmingham, had been accused of giving her son methadone twice in the past but she was acquitted of these charges.

This was despite blood tests showing Fenton had a large amount of the drug in his system.

But Emery did admit to child neglect and causing death by gross negligence.

The judge at Nottingham Crown Court added he did not think Emery intended to kill Fenton and that’s why she was not charged with murder.

Prosecutor Christopher Hotten QC had told the jury in his opening statement: ‘That Sunday evening, she had crack and she wanted to smoke it.

‘We say she gave Fenton methadone knowing, to put colloquially, it would knock him out and enable her to do what she wanted without the interference from a fractious child that was difficult to put to sleep.’

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