Thursday, 2 December 2021

Bhatt Naturally gave me opportunity to excavate myself, Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt

BOLLYWOOD Actor and Filmmkaer Pooja Bhatt attended press conference along with her father Mahesh Bhatt for the success of their radio show ‘Bhatt Naturally’ in Mumbai. During media interaction, Pooja said that ‘Bhatt Naturally’ gave her opportunity to excavate herself.

Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt has talked about issues like extra-marital affair or sex so when asked which has been most interesting issue for them , Pooja said, “What I didn’t expected to be interesting like for example, we did a show on superstition and while doing that show, I thought what should I be talking about it but that became really interesting topic for me because while going through that show we realize there was so much that we had to share and I learnt so much from that so, I think it’s a process where we don’t even realize what is going to happen when we start doing that so, I think it’s wonderful because you excavate somewhere yourself”

When asked Pooja what tempted her to do this radio show which discusses various topics of society, Pooja said, “I think it was very selfish. Bhatt Saab (Mahesh Bhatt) rightly said ‘man is nothing but memories’ so with this I am getting an opportunity to spend time with my father. The time which I spend with my father is my inheritance and not some flat or money or some film. The time I have on this show with my father is permanently going to be there and this is something I will be able to go back to when I need to go back to it and I think that to be able to do a show where you can express yourself without hesitating is amazing.

People often say that we want to be ‘you’ but they want you to be you in reference to what is comfortable to them. I feel each voice has its own face so when you listen to yourself on Radio you ask yourself is this really me? I am only doing this show simply because it gives me an opportunity to make memories with my father. I think when we are able to express opinions without any PR machinery in front of an audience so is really amazing so I am very grateful to Radio Mirchi for that.”

Pooja Bhatt is always known for her no-nonsense and straight forward attitude so when Pooja why she gets angry, Pooja asked said, “Unfortunately, when a woman talks with a clear stance then, people feel that she is getting angry but when Mahesh ji speaks in a certain tone then people feel that he is very intense in his thought process but when woman is somewhat beautiful and if she is clear with her sexuality and says no clearly then people feel that why she is getting angry.

People want me to be only glamour pose and want me to be subservient saying I don’t know what I want but thing is I know what I want and I know what I don’t want most importantly. In India, we are very comfortable when woman become Sita or Savitri but when woman acts like Kaali ma then we have problems with it so I am mixture of these opposite personalities. If people don’t agree with my opinions or doesn’t want listen to me then they should switch off their radio but I live , think the way I want because in that unfortunately ,I don’t have any choice as this is my nature. I feel this is example of patriarchal society where you want to see me smile but you don’t want to see fury of woman’s nature, you want to see only passive side of woman”

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