Monday, 6 December 2021

Be more productive


Any professional will tell you that having a work routine is what makes most not want to hit the snooze button on the alarm. Eating breakfast, wearing your work clothes, and the commute all play into the motivation to get to work and do something productive by the end of the day.

Different people have different professions, some work for companies here and some work for companies abroad. There is also that segment which prefers to work from home. And, contrary to perception, it takes more effort to discipline oneself and work at home owing to the countless distractions around. There is TV, then Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot and games on the phone which have the power to rouse you from your work and keep you away from it. This routine, if it repeats can be very counter productive. So, it’s important to have a routine, even if you are working from home.

Finish chores
Allot a time by which you must finish your household works and then sit down to work. For most people, especially those with families, that means 10 or 11 am, as kids and the spouse are off to school and office. That leaves you enough time to take a shower and get cracking.

Dress up
It can be tempting to just work in your pyjamas and tell yourself that you are at home and you don’t have to look presentable. But, your mind can get tricked into the same feeling of casualness and you might end up lazing out after a few hours. So, lay out clothes that will get you in the mood to do some work.

Avoid stop-bys
Since you are at home, it’s tempting to have friends look in or stop-by for a quick cup of tea/coffee and catch up. This is alright, only after you are done with your work for the day. If they come in during your work schedule, there are high chances of you not being able to meet your goal in work for the day. Tell your friends, that weekend would work for you, they will understand.

Family time
Suppose your work runs longer than usual, use post-its for those with younger children to drive home the message, yellow could be for – ask before coming in to your room, green means they can come in. Red obviously would be ‘not to be disturbed’. Kids, any age love to play along and will follow the rules, when it’s enforced so colourfully.

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