Monday, 18 October 2021

Are you having a hard time falling asleep

Are you having a hard time falling asleep until late in the night and are waking up the next morning with a fatigue? Then you are definitely suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a disorder related to sleep that is characterized by difficulty falling asleep.

Many of us might not know the fact that insomnia can have an adverse negative effect on your health. It might even lead to some serious issues like depression, chronic stress and having a hard time concentrating.  We present you a few natural and effective ways to combat insomnia. In order to get a good sleep one must make a few lifestyle changes and let us see what they are.

Top five ways to get a good sleep:

1.    Exercise regularly- Exercise is not only essential for good health but it is also important for good sleep. Any kind of workout is important because you have to make your body move and shed off that extra energy. Sitting in front of the desk all day or simply being lazy by sitting on the couch, will not help you get a quality sleep. One must make sure they indulge in some kind of workout such as yoga, running or working out at the gym.

2.    Do not go to bed on an empty stomach- Going to bed on an empty stomach is definitely not good because hunger will keep your brain mentally alert and as a result you will have a hard time sleeping. While on the other hand, it is not good to go to bed with an overstuffed feeling.

3.    Create a peaceful environment- A few hours before going to bed you must turn off your electronic gadgets and restrain from watching television late in the night. If you want to watch past night, you must make sure to dull your screens and use glasses that are designed for protecting your eyes from the blue light emitted through the electronic gadgets. Before going to bed, it is good to turn off your lights and sleep in darkness, as this will help the production of melatonin; a hormone that aids in better sleep.

4.    Set a sleep routine- A lot of us might have heard of this natural yet effective remedy to fall asleep is to develop a sleep routine. Going to bed at the same time every night even on weekends will help you get a good quality sleep.

5.    Foods that enhance sleep quality- Apart from these simple lifestyle changes, there are a few foods that are known to enhance better quality sleep.  Foods and drinks that aid in sleep are almonds, Chamomile Tea, walnuts, cherry juice, turkey, white rice, milk, hummus etc.

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