Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Alleged gay wedding in Saudi Arabia

Alleged gay wedding in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Late Wednesday a video went viral where in a ceremony apparently two men were walking down the aisle with music in the background .

The strict and conservative laws of Saudi Arabia show zero Tolerance for the LGBT community.

According to Al Marsd this alleged ceremony took place in Mecca last week. As the video went viral some tweets even said authorities have already arrested the people involved in this ceremony and are further investigating the case. However no statement from the Mecca police have been given as yet.

“The wedding was 300KM away from Mecca and everyone involved has already been arrested.”

This video is going viral:

“Everyone is sending this gay wedding video to WhatsApp groups, what do they want exactly or is it that they like the idea?”

“I am not even Saudi, but nothing in the video proves where this happened. It’s unfair and unacceptable to claim things that might not even be true if you have no proof. Maybe this is a bachelor party and the groom’s friends are celebrating their own way.”

The LGBT community is speaking up for how they cannot be terrorized. Homosexuality is illegal in the Kingdom and homosexuals can be detained, jailed or can face death penalties.

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