Monday, 29 November 2021

Alia Bhatt states acting does not come naturally to her


BOLLYWOOD actress Alia Bhatt said in an interview to reporters that she believes acting is a “challenge” and added that she is “not naturally gifted” in the art. The 25 year old said that although she tries to not let the pressure of her profession get to her rather she tries to go with the flow when its time to perform.

“Nothing comes naturally to me. I’m not saying acting is a terrible procedure. It’s a challenge. But the process is such that you don’t have to take it seriously and just let it flow naturally in a sense of the character, not you as an actor.”

Talking about her new character for her latest venture, Raazi Alia stated that she realized a lot about the misconceptions people have regarding spy characters, “You don’t have to have a strong and forceful demeanor to look like a spy. She’s (Sehmat) very quiet, feminine and scared at the same time. She’s graceful, soft and at the same time very strong. I watched some films to get the character’s outline right but I didn’t have to do anything overtly. I just had to stay true to the situation.”

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