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Ali Zaidi, boxer Amir Khan get in Twitter feud over Riffat Khan

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KARACHI: British Asian boxer Amir Khan and Pakistani Federal minister Ali Haider Zaidi have come confronted with each other on Twitter over taking credit for supporting former Pakistan number one squash player Riffat Khan.

Riffat Khan underwent knee surgery last week at Shiffa International Hospital to revive her career.

She had earlier requested the Prime Minister to help her after Squash Federation, Sports Board and relevant authorities had refused to help her.

After her story broke on media, former boxing champion Aamir Khan responded to her call and announced to help her. At the same time, Dr. Shireen Mazari, reportedly, said that Ali Haider Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, will bear all the expenses of Riffat’s operation.

Riffat was, then, admitted on November 11 at Shifa International Hospital and she got operated on 13th and was released from the hospital on 14th.

Following that, Aamir Khan tweeted the news item on Riffat’s improved health announcing that Aamir Khan Foundation supported her and paid for the athlete.

Squash plyer Riffat Khan

Ali Zaidi responded quickly to that tweet saying that it was his ministry, not Aamir Khan who paid for the operation.

“To set the record straight, PNSC paid for her operation! I heard @amirkingkhan offered to pay and many thanks for that, but @MaritimeGovPK had already stepped in. Therefore, please take credit where it’s due,” tweeted the minister.

Replying to Ali Zaidi’s tweet, Aamir posted the bank transaction details on his twitter account saying he paid 334,569 rupees for the operation, the government didn’t.

When this correspondent contacted Squash player Riffat Khan, she confirmed that both Ali Zaidi and Aamir Khan had supported her and she’s thankful to both.

In another interview post her surgery, Riffat had highlighted the government’s treatment towards her before her issue came to media.

“I was broken, disheartened and shattered by the insulting behavior and I was simply very upset with Acting PSB Director General Amna Imran, who should have realized my pain and agony, rather than keeping me waiting outside her office for an hour,” she had said.

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