Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Akshay Kumar gets emotional about wife and kids

MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar turned 50 yesterday and the Bollywood showered this superstar with their wishes and love on his special day. The actor had taken off to Switzerland already with wife Twinkle Khanna, daughter Nitara and son Aarav to call in the celebrations and we are sure it would have been a lot special for him.
In his interview, Akshay was asked how does it feel to touch the 50’s already. Commenting on this,  the actor said, “Am I allowed to say it feels as good as it did when I turned 21 (laughs)? I’m really enjoying the fact that I have not only reached 50 alive, but also feeling positive about my career, blessed for my health and over the moon with how I’m spending my big 50 on the Swiss Alps with my family.”
 Twinkle Khanna-Akshay Kumar
Next, when Khiladi Kumar  was asked if things have changed for him now that he’s a father and celebrating his birthday with his two kids.To this, Akshay told, “Absolutely! This year might be my [life’s] half century, but I’m actually celebrating by giving my son his dream snowboarding holiday, as much as I know I’ll love it… I’m only doing this for my boy because I know what this kind of adventure with his family will mean to him. Actually, I even remember my 40th in Florida; my wife and I took Aarav to a theme park all day, and when we came home, we were all so knackered that we all fell asleep by 5.30pm on my birthday — no party, no celebration, just unconditional family time. I always want my birthday to be about making my children happy and that’s all I would ever wish for, for they are all I want and need,”
He further added, “I’ve promised my son more adventurous holidays. I’ve promised my wife that I’d chew my food more. I’ve promised my daughter I’ll stay strong so I can carry her up every mountain her brother wants to climb, and I’ve promised my coach that I’m not going give up — turning 50 means 50 reps of everything, apparently,”

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Aww! Isn’t he a super dad for real? Sweet.
When asked what’s the best birthday gift he always recalls, AK told, “I will never forget the Harley Davidson my wife gifted me, but actually it’s always the family holidays that I cherish the most. You can’t take money or possessions to the grave – only memories and a lifetime of love and happiness. No gift will ever replace the time we spend together, my wife could buy me an island, but I’ll still just want to walk on Juhu Beach (in Mumbai) holding her hand – something we do for free whenever we want, but to me that’s what I call magic.”
Just like us, can you too feel some love in the air already?

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