Saturday, 22 January 2022

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a new filter app for iOS-Android

BIRMINGHAM: Adobe has a plethora of mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Adding to the list, the firm has published a new app called Photoshop Camera on App Store and Google Play Store.

The new Adobe app is unlike any other mobile application by the company. It is targeted at social media users who frequently use filters.

The Photoshop Camera app can be simply termed as any other third-party camera filter app. It offers a number of lenses as well as filters and even lets users edit their clicked pictures to some extent.

This is a perfect app for those who love Photoshop creative edits but do not have a skillset for them. Thus, in a way, Adobe is trying to lure potential customers for its ecosystem with its new app.

Though the app is good and all, it competes directly with popular social media like Snapchat and Instagram who have been regularly adding new filters and lenses for its users for years.

To make a breakthrough, an app should be first accessible to all the users. Unfortunately, right off the bat, Adobe Photoshop Camera is not available for all the Android devices. It is currently limited to the latest Samsung Galaxy handsets and Google Pixels.

Only time will tell if this application will be a success. A dedicated app for filters and lenses is a tough idea to sell. Even the most trending apps in recent times, Prisma did not last for a long time.

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