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Academy Award winner Garry Maddison steps into Pakistani cinema

Garry Maddison

LONDON: Garry Maddison – part of the Best Effects Academy Award and the British Academy of Film & Television Award winning team for ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Ex-Machina’ – has stepped into Pakistani cinema through Shaan Shahid’s film ‘Arth – the Destination’.

It is a gesture of interest from Garry Madison’s part, for taking up the opportunity to work with the team of ‘Arth – the Destination’ as the colour-grader, and a moment of pride for the Pakistani film industry for being coached by an Academy Award winner. His expertise in cinematic visual effects and colour-grading, especially acknowledged for the films ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Interstellar’, have crowned him with the position of one of the finest colourists in Hollywood.

Garry Maddison-awards

Maddison expressed his excitement defining how the theme of the movie travels across all cultures alike. “I’ve been lucky enough to work on some of the film industry’s biggest films over the last six years – films such as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘The Avengers’. ‘Arth’ falls into that category of films; even though it’s aimed at a different culture, the themes of the films carry across all cultures: the feeling of loss and then finding what you thought you had lost – for me that transcends culture,” he said.

Maddison ensures that this movie will revolutionise the way visuals are treated and processed for the Pakistani cinema. He said, “Yes, I’d agree that ‘Arth’ is a new evolution for the Pakistani film industry, I’ve been fortunate to be able to share my experiences from the film industry to enhance what is a visually stunning film but the main credit for that leap is with the director Shaan and producer Hammad for bringing to life a modern take of life as a Pakistani.”


‘Arth’ not only revolves around themes that are specific to Pakistan but are also a step ahead from what has already been shown in Pakistan’s cinematic history. In this respect Maddison shares his experience with the following words, “It was very important to Shaan to make sure that the grade of the film was progressive in terms of Pakistani films that have come before, though Shaan still wanted to keep an authentic feel. That was the main challenge that I faced: finding the balance between old and new; and I think we found it.”

Now in Lollywood, Maddison shows interest in working with the film industry. Shaan Shahid, the director of ‘Arth – The Destination’ did not let this knocking opportunity at home go unanswered. He expressed his gratitude for working with a Hollywood colourist in the following words, “I was enthused for having an Oscar winner on my team; working with him has proven the experience to be even more enthralling. I am glad that I made this choice and look forward to see the audience’s response at a fresh display of cinematic art.”

Garry Maddison team

Shaan has not only strengthened film trade between Pakistan and India through ‘Arth – The Destination’, but has left no stone unturned in making this film a visual treat for Lollywood, Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

The film is produced by Hammad Chaudhry, Faraz Chaudhry and Shaan under their banners of HKC Entertainment, Cinestar and 5th Element Entertainment, respectively. It is expected to be released worldwide in cinemas on December 21, 2017.

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