Tuesday, 17 May 2022

About Us

Today’s world is unreservedly dependent upon the media, and communication is one of the major tools in promotion and projection of services throughout the planet. The Asian Post is one of the foremost British Asian national weekly newspapers published in the UK. It caters for the needs of second and third generation British Asians settled across the United Kingdom by linking them through news coverage, carrying their diverse opinions and relaying to them the opinion of the world towards them. Entertainment is the major part of our weekly publication and we regularly feature news and interviews of Bollywood stars and British Asian showbiz world.

Our publication is based in the heart of the community, publishing exclusively for the British Asian Community. We take pride in being the premier Asian newspaper that aims to forge links between British Asians and other communities/groups in the United Kingdom. We are working in collaboration with other ethnic sectors, as well as covering key local news which is a vital element to maintain a balanced approach and serve the best interests of British Asians. We are also dedicated to convey the policies of government, relating to Asians in the UK, to our readers and offer a space for our readers to challenge these policies and issues.

Awareness: The Asian Post in print brings you the news as it happens and views as they are formed. Our network comprises authentic and reliable sources, we take pride in being the first to let you know what is happening around the globe as well as within the ethnic communities and of the impact and after-effects of international events.

Education: The features and articles published in this newspaper are diversified in their nature, ranging from political and social, through to cultural as well as religious issues and events. Our columns are well read and well received by our readers. The feedback we receive on daily basis is a proof of that. Our letters to the editor, editorials, debates on different issues affecting the Asian community in the UK, give a voice to the thoughts of the average citizen, their fears, concerns, and subsequent approach towards a continuously changing world. The Asian Post aims at providing our readers with substantial reading material and also caters to the entertainment news and celebrity talk. We also aim to focus on the upcoming talent among the British Asians in all walks of life.

Entertainment: Our Entertainment sections keep track of all the current fashions and showbiz news. Our entertainment section is specifically targeted at UK based Asians and all their needs are met. Whether it is arts, theatre, film, music or books, The Asian Post covers it all.

Public Relations: We highlight the problems the younger generation faces and we give them a platform to express their views as well as their desires and aspirations. We also cover women issues, i.e. fashion, beauty and health. Copies of our newspaper are forwarded to the political offices, public libraries, council offices, NGOs, job centres, Asian communities across the UK and leisure centres. We have a strong network throughout the UK and we have qualified and professionally well experienced people in our editorial board at our Head office in London. We have an overwhelming response from people and hold a high ratio of readership in the UK. That is something we are very proud of and will endeavour to continue on the path of excellence.

Overseas Offices: We have well-equipped overseas offices in India and Pakistan. Our teams in these offices are busy in keeping us informed about the latest developments in the Asian continent on political, business and economic levels.

Marketing: The Asian Post offers you the means to get your products and activities across to its vast readership, which could be your potential customers.

Recruitment: The recruitment section carries advertisements from all major national and local Government Institutions (e.g. N.H.S, Royal Navy, Home-Office, Scotland Yard as well as various Local County Councils throughout the country), as well as many reputable companies and businesses (e.g. London Underground, B.T, Various Housing-Associations, Universities of Higher Education and Colleges) This section gives an opportunity to the companies to manifest their equal opportunities and social inclusion policies. We are dedicated to providing the best opportunities to our readers and hence offer a very attractive package for our advertisers to place their adverts.

(The deadline for advertising in The Asian Post is every Tuesday by 3pm)

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