Saturday, 4 December 2021

Aamir Khan looking to work with Chinese actors

Aamir Khan China

BOLLYWOOD superstar Aamir Khan says it will be wonderful if Chinese and Indian talents make a film together.

As one of the most recognised Indian actors in China, Khan has visited China twice since 2015. He said he felt Chinese and Indian people have many things in common when it refers to characters and social culture.

“There are many Chinese actors who are very talented… I really want to do films with talents from China. Your Chinese talents and us Indians, we should make a film together. I believe it’ll be wonderful,” Khan told Xinhua news agency. “I would like to see a lot of collaboration between creative people from China and India, making stories that people from both countries would love to see.

“I think it will bring the two countries closer. It will be wonderful for Indian audience to see Chinese actors and Chinese talents,” he added.

The actor’s latest film Secret Superstar is due to hit the screen on the Chinese mainland on Friday. The film tells the story of Insia, a 14-year-old Indian girl who wants to be a singer. Khan was cast as a “funny” musician in it.

“In Dangal, I’m very serious. In Secret Superstar, I’m very funny,” he said.

Dangal, Khan’s last film in which he played a strict father with three daughters, was regarded as a black horse in Chinese box offices in 2017, raking in nearly $190 million (Dh697 million), which surpassed any other Indian films’ overseas earning, Xinhua reported.

Khan, who also works as a film producer, director and television talk show host, produces one film each one or two years.

“Half of my time is spent on my film work and half on my social work,” he explained.

Making a movie requires “lots of time” and “movies should be made from the heart”, the Bollywood superstar said. “I’ll try doing faster.”

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