Thursday, 2 December 2021

6 ways to make your living space cozy

As we prepare for colder temperatures, we look forward to spending time in cozy living rooms, warming ourselves near the fire or under a heavy blanket. Getting that cozy feel doesn’t require a lot of work or even a lot of money. In fact, you would be surprised how easy it is to create a comfier environment without even turning up the heat or starting a fire in the fireplace.  here is a list of six ways you can make your home feel soft and comfortable in the winter season.

1- Paint your walls
The right colour palette can instantly warm up the room, but that doesn’t mean you need to start painting your walls red or yellow. In fact, although we think of red as a warm colour, there are cool reds and warm reds, so choosing the right hue is important. Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette or a more varied color design, it doesn’t matter, but focusing on the warmer portion of the paint chip is important. Pair paint colours with warm tones of metal and fabric for a more even appearance to the space. If you’re worried about your room seeming too bland, you can add a few splashes of brighter colours to help make it really pop.

2- Use warm fabric
Changing your upholstery to colours such as dark blue, deep maroon and magenta can help add a cozy feel to a sitting area. Using winter fabrics such as velvet and khaddar will help maintain a warm temperature as well. You can add fluffy, woolen rugs to your living space to make you feel comfy.

3- Create a tactile space
Textured walls, bedding and graphics around your house can really help cozy up a space as these layers add warmth and variety. Think about layering textures, such as an open-weave throw on the couch, a twill sofa and a chenille pillow, using winter hues. Cheap sofa shawls can also come handy when you’re watching a movie in the lounge and don’t want to run to your room for a blanket to keep you warm. Even decorative objects can create a sense of warmth and dimension.

4- Fill the room with sentimental objects
While winters can be a teeny bit depressing, items that make you feel better, such as pictures of family and friends or artwork should be highlighted in your home. Adding little touches of personal decor can increase visual appeal as well as drum up happy memories. Draw attention to these features, such as placing them in the center of a table or on top of the fireplace mantle, to bring a natural, homey feeling to the room.

5- Bring outdoor elements inside
Flowers and fresh plants help bring oxygen inside your home and can make it feel more comforting. Using natural objects, with warm colors and varying textures, helps create a sense of cozy warmth. If dried flowers make you feel sneezy, simply add botanical prints, wood sculptures or other natural materials.

6- Use warm light
A warm and cozy room is one that has a pleasant light configuration. Shades are the easiest way to shield the eyes from bright bulbs and a coloured shade can actually warm up a cool light bulb. Place dimmers on lamps and lights to have the most influence on the amount of light output. If you receive too much natural light through windows, consider hanging both window sheers as well as drapery so you can filter the light better.

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