Tuesday, 30 November 2021

6 Months old son spotted cancer, revealed young mother


LONDON: Sarah Boyle, a 26 year old British woman says her 6 year old son helped her to identify cancer. Sarah Boyle revealed that her breastfed son detected cancer when he stopped feeding at the age of 6 months. Sarah lives in Staffordshire area of England says that when she tried to feed her son Teddy with the right breast then he instantly becomes restless. Sarah explains that ‘he drinks milk well when he was few motnhs old; suddenly he stopped breast feed.’ She tried to feed her son in a multiple ways but he was not agree, adding Teddy became obstinate and tried to fight with me as it is heartening for a few months old baby to show irritation. She first of all thought that her son has some trouble in the neck that is why he can’t suckle from this side but the actual problem was somewhere else.

During all this time she felt that she had a swelling on the right side of the breast and it starts to feel itching followed by pain and this attitude of the son and her own feelings later on motivated her to consult the doctor. Only after examination by the doctor she learnt that this knot was the sign of cancer and her son had also stopped suckling due to this reason, adding there may be possible due to cancerous cell the taste of milk would have been changed. She said that it all happened in 2013 but now half of her treatment has been done in the form of chemotherapy. She added that nobody can say this with certainty that it has occurred due to Teddy but one thing quite clear and explicit if he was not born then it would not have been possible for me to even spot my illness.

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