Thursday, 21 October 2021

53 Migrants Dead after Boat Overturns in the Mediterranean


RABAT: A boat carrying 53 irregular migrants has gone missing somewhere in the Mediterranean sea between Morocco and Spain.

The boat carried initially 54 migrants and went off from Morocco’s northern city of Nador towards the Andalusian coast on Sunday, January 12, Spanish media reported yesterday.

The sole survivor is a Malian individual who floated for an entire day before being rescued by a Moroccan fishing boat.

The Malian, hospitalized in Morocco, said that something flipped the boat and believe that all the other migrants on board are dead.

He added that the passengers were mostly Mauritanian, and there were 3 women on board.

“At 11 a.m, there was an accident, something overturned us and eventually drowned everyone,” said the survivor.

Moroccan and Spanish authorities conducted search and rescue operations to retrieve the missing migrants’ bodies. The operations yielded no results.

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