Saturday, 4 December 2021

$300,000 for one night, Mandela’s Prison

CAPE TOWN: South Africa’s First democratic president, spent most out of his 27 years imprisonment in South africa’s Robben island prison off cape town.

A night in his iconic 8-foot by 7-foot concrete cell will now be auctioned for charity to mark the 100 jubilee of prisoner number 46664’s birthday.

Five-star hotels, Expensive wine or best food would be best option to fit rich people standard but someone’s got $300,000 to give up all comforts and spend one night in prison cell that was home to nelson mandela for 18 years.

The spokeswoman for CEO SleepOut South Africa Laian McGowan said,”The suggestion was to auction the cell to raise money to fund the Prison-to-College Pipeline, educating incarcerated people in South Africa”.

Moreover she added that,”details of when the one night only fundraiser will take place, had not been finalised.”

Basically it was an online bidding that started from $25,000 and reached till $300,000 and will close on July 16.

As Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 Years of his life fighting against the racial segregation in south africa until he won non-racial election in 1994.Therefore the winner will earn a chance to spend a night in Mandela’s cell and the other 66 bidders will be out in island prison that, that is now a World heritage site and museum.

However Nelson Mandela’s Foundation said that,”it was not a part of the initiative and could not be responsible for the usage of Mandela’s cell”.

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