Thursday, 2 December 2021

2018 Nissan Leaf EV takes you even further

Nissan Leaf EV

LAS VEGAS-The timing couldn’t have been better for Nissan to unveil its 2018 Leaf electric car.

First, you had the hurricane in Texas that shut down the Gulf of Mexico gasoline refineries, resulting in a spike in at-the-pump prices across the continent. In Southern Ontario, that meant 30 more cents a litre.

Then Irma flattened Florida. As of this writing, most of that state is without power. We don’t often get hurricanes, but ice storms can create similar emergencies.

So, a Nissan Leaf would look good in your driveway right now, wouldn’t it? You’d never have to worry about gasoline prices again, and in a pinch, you could possibly use the power from your car to keep the fridge going.

Who knew?

The unveiling of the Leaf – the first “next-generation car” since Nissan introduced the first one in 2010 – came at Las Vegas’s Thomas & Mack Center 10 days ago and Jose Munoz, Chief Performance Officer and Chairman of Nissan North America, did the honours.

The instant the coverings were pulled off the cars – and there were three on the stage in front of a huge screen where, moments before, the global launch of the EV had been shown taking place in Tokyo with president and CEO Hiroto Saikawa front and centre — you knew that Nissan had, with reservations, a winner.

And that is because of a very small but significant change in the design: instead of a chevron shape at the end of the roofline over top of the trunk (which, frankly, always said to me: “Hi, I’m an electric car and aren’t I special?”), the roofline now continues to swoop to a logical conclusion further along, which makes the car look aerodynamically superior to not only other EVs but many other cars, generally.

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