Thursday, 9 December 2021

Plants help you sleep at night

sleep with plant

Having plants inside the house not only adds to the aesthetic value of the house but it also have many positive impacts on the surrounding as they bring in a lot of positive energy along with them.

Bringing plants inside a house adds a splash of colour, helps people relax and acts as a natural purifier.

In a latest study, it is proven that plants can also help people get sleep at night too and use far less oxygen than what is usually perceived about them omitting oxygen in the night.

Here are few plants which can help you sleep well in the night by keeping them in the bedroom.

Who doesn’t like the scent of lavender?

sleeping disorder

The plant helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels, and helps you have a gentle slumber. Researchers have proven that this plant can help babies slip into deep sleep and can also reduce stress levels in new mothers.


Jasmine has a soothing effect on your body. The plant is said to reduce anxiety levels in a person and brings in a lot of positive energy.


According to NASA, snake plant is one of the best air filtering house plants. They double up as home decor and also emit oxygen during the night. Amazing, isn’t it?

Spider Plant


Spider plant is said to cleanse the air of cancer-causing chemicals. The plant also absorbs odours and helps sleep better. Not to be confused with snake plant.



These plant emits oxygen in the night, is easy to grow and maintain, besides the gel can be used for topical treatment like cuts and bruises.

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