Friday, 22 November 2019

Young Welsh woman killed sticking head out of train window

Bethan Roper died when she hit a tree branch on a train. (Adrian Roper)

CARDIFF: A young woman who poked her head out of a train window was killed when she hit a tree branch, investigators have concluded.

Bethan Roper, 28, had her head outside the train carriage for a just few seconds when it struck the tree as she returned to her South Wales home from a Christmas shopping trip to nearby Bath last year, the BBC reports.

The branch’s report concluded a sign reading: “Caution: Do not lean out of window when train is moving” was inadequate.

Investigators said the word “Caution” suggested leaning out of the window could be safe if done with care.

“She was beautiful in every way. Our pain couldn’t be sharper or more justified, but I know that her goodness and fullness of spirit will live on in our hearts and actions,” Ms Roper’s father said after her death.

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