Sunday, 20 October 2019

Women across Switzerland hold strike for equality

Women take part in a nation-wide women’s strike for wage parity outside the federal palace, on June 14, 2019 in Swiss capital Bern. (AFP Photo)

Women in Switzerland walked off the job, staging demonstrations to demand fairer pay, more equality, and an end to sexual harassment and violence, AP reported.

Discontent over sexism and workplace inequality is underpinning the “women’s strike,” while many are also demanding higher pay specifically for domestic workers, teachers and caregivers.

(© Keystone / Jean-christophe Bott)

Friday’s events allude to protests on June 14, 1991, when hundreds of thousands of Swiss women left their jobs to condemn discrimination, 20 years after Swiss women won the right to vote and a decade after sexual equality became law.

Women say unequal treatment persists, including lower pay, with women on average earning 20% less than men. Discrimination and the difficulty of combining work and family are also issues.

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