Monday, 26 October 2020

UK launches first safe house for child slaves amid security fears


LONDON: A charity announced Britain’s first safe house for trafficked children, aiming to tackle the high number of victims who go missing while in the care of authorities, who campaigners say lack a clear strategy to tackle the crime.

As many as two-thirds of all trafficked children rescued and placed in local care – from foster families to care homes – go missing within the first three days, often due to mistrust in authorities and fear of their traffickers, campaign groups say.

The Unseen Children’s House has around-the-clock care and security features including CCTV cameras, panic buttons and a mobile phone ban to stop children running away, said Andrew Wallis, chief executive of leading anti-slavery charity Unseen.

“Amid criticism last week that trafficked children are being failed and going missing from care at an unacceptable rate, Unseen is taking positive practical action and piloting this innovative project with Home Office support,” Wallis said.

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