Saturday, 23 June 2018

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Donald Trump Says North Korea Still A Big Threat

(FILE PHOTO) President Donald Trump cited an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to U.S. national security as he acted Friday to maintain long-standing economic restrictions on North Korea, including the freezing of any assets in the United States. The official declaration, contained in a notice to Congress, came despite Trump’s assertion ...

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UK excludes India from relaxed student visa rules

LONDON: The UK government has caused outrage with its decision to exclude Indian students from a new list of countries considered “low risk” in order to facilitate an easier visa application process to UK universities. In changes to its immigration policy tabled in Parliament yesterday, the UK Home Office announced ...

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Prostitution racket involving Indian actresses busted in US

TOLLYWOOD film industry prostitution racket has been busted in Chicago, US, local media reported. A Indian couple – Mogudumidi Kishan (Sreeraj) and his wife Chandra have been arrested for running a prostitution racket. According to, the US police discovered a ledger bearing the names of Tollywood actresses who were ...

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IMF warns US fiscal, trade policies create risks to global economy

Pedestrians walk past the International Monetary Fund headquarters' complex in Washington Sunday, May 2, 2010. A senior International Monetary Fund official says the IMF's executive board is meeting in Washington to consider how much aid to grant Athens under a massive rescue loan package. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump’s aggressive trade policies, and expansive tax cut at a time when the US economy is growing, are creating risks that could damage the domestic and global economies, the International Monetary Fund has warned. The tax cuts will generate a near-term boost to growth but also “will ...

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ZTE has few cards left to play to avoid ‘death penalty’

NEW YORK: It’s not every day you see a company that employs 75,000 and once had a market cap of $20 billion facing instant doom on an hour-by-hour basis. But that’s the situation that Chinese telecom firm ZTE finds itself in right now. Following revelations that the company sold equipment ...

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Trump says he will stop ‘war games’ with South Korea

SINGAPORE: The US will stop holding military exercises on the Korean peninsula, President Donald Trump said Tuesday after his summit with the North’s leader Kim Jong Un. Washington and Seoul are security allies, with around 30,000 US troops stationed in the South to defend it from its neighbour, which invaded ...

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US seeks Pakistan’s cooperation for peace process in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: The United States has called for cooperation from Pakistan to facilitate peace talks and assistance in the peace process in Afghanistan. This was stated by the Deputy Assistant to the US president and Senior Director for South and Central Asia at the National Security Council, Lisa Curtis in her ...

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China’s Xi hails ‘unity’ of security bloc led with Russia

QINGDAO: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday opened a regional security summit attended by Russia and Iran with boasts of the bloc’s “unity”, just as a fractious G7 gathering was mired in divisions between Europe and the US. On the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in the coastal ...

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US technology charge false, says China

GENEVA: China has told the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) dispute-settlement body that US accusations that Beijing forced companies to hand over technology as a cost of doing business in China were groundless. US President Donald Trump has accused China of stealing US ideas and announced a plan for a $50bn ...

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