Saturday, 18 January 2020

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Vodafone joins EE in offering 5G in UK

LONDON: Vodafone on Wednesday launched its 5G service in the UK, but without smartphones from controversial Chinese technology giant Huawei. By sidelining Huawei phones, Vodafone has mirrored action by EE, the first UK provider to roll out the technology that offers almost instantaneous data transfer with its own launch at ...

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Smartphones causing ‘Horns’ on young people’s skull

The mobile technology has transformed the way we live today, how we read, work, communicate, shop and date, but we already know this what we don’t know was the way these tiny monsters are changing us. Yes, these tiny monsters are remolding our skeletons, altering our bodies as well as ...

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Smartphones: A double-edged sword for terrorists

Michel MOUTOT:Bombs and guns aside, a smartphone can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a terrorist – but it can also provide intelligence services with the tools to track them down. Three years ago to the day, the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015 remain one of the ...

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Apple iPhones get bigger and pricier, Watch turns to health

LONDON: Apple Inc introduced its largest-ever iPhone and a watch that detects heart problems in an attempt to get customers to upgrade to more expensive devices in the face of stagnant global demand for smartphones. The relatively small changes to its lineup, following last year’s overhauled iPhone X, were widely expected ...

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From streets to smartphones: India grapples with online rape

MUMBAI: On a busy afternoon in the southern Indian city of Visakhapatnam last month, a young man raped a destitute woman on a pavement. Many pedestrians walked by as he forced himself on the woman, but a few paused – to record the rape on their smartphones. The police seized ...

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Tesla Model 3 has no key, so don’t forget your phone

PARIS: Electric car company Tesla has shown a willingness to break from automotive legacy, and it moves even further away with the Model 3, where owners will rely on their smartphones to access and start the car. Unlike most current cars, and even Tesla’s own Model S and Model X, ...

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