Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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Sushmita Sen reveals incident of teenage boy misbehaving

Sushmita Sen

BOLLYWOOD actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen opened up about being sexually harassed by a 15-year-old boy and has urged women to learn the basic self-defence moves in order to handle such incidents. While addressing a press conference, Sen stated that there is a misconception among people that because ...

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Female journalists in Japan unite to fight harassment


TOKYO: Female journalists in Japan said Tuesday they were teaming up to fight sexual harassment in the media, believed to be widespread in a country where the #MeToo movement has been slow to take off. A total of 86 women journalists have come together to form the Women in Media Network Japan (WiMN) to ...

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French minister: Use Cannes festival to ‘liberate women’s voices

Marlène Schiappa

LONDON: The movie industry must use this week’s Cannes Film Festival to “liberate and listen to women’s voices” if it is to stamp out sexual harassment, the French minister for gender equality said. From a hotline to report harassers at the event to flyers urging participants to behave properly, Marlene ...

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Meesha Shafi Deletes Instagram Account


LAHORE: Singer Meesha Shafi, who had recently alleged fellow artist of sexual harassing her on multiple occasions, has deleted her Instagram account. The accusations made by Meesha Shafi had divided the showbiz industry. Many people from the industry backed Ali Zafar over the issue while Meesha had to face criticism. ...

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Nobody rapes anyone in Bollywood, says Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant

BOLLYWOOD: Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Rakhi Sawant now has a rather startling opinion on the ongoing debate on casting couch and sexual harassment of strugglers in the film industry. Rakhi admits to being a victim. “When I was a struggler, yes I did ...

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Ali Zafar sends legal notice to Meesha over harassment allegations

Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar

LAHORE: Renowned Pakistani singer Ali Zafar on Saturday sent a legal notice to fellow singer Meesha Shafi over the latter’s allegations that he sexually harassed her on multiple occasions. According to details, the singer-cum-actor maintained that all of Meesha Shafi’s allegations are baseless and he will file a defamation suit ...

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Meesha Shafi receives support from #MeToo campaigner

Rose McGowan

Getty Images HOLLYWOOD/LOLLYWOOD: Meesha Shafi’s explosive accusation of sexual harassment against Pakistan’s popular singer-actor Ali Zafar has propelled a sort of #MeToo movement in Pakistan with more women coming forward to share their own stories of harassment and abuse. One of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood and ...

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Another victim of serious harassment

Ayesha Omar fb

LOLLYWOOD: After Meesha, Speaking at Pakistani media yesterday, actor Ayesha Omar revealed that she has been a victim of “serious harassment” by a member of the industry. She added that she doesn’t have the strength to talk about it right now. “I hope I’m as brave as Meesha Shafi one ...

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Meesha Shafi accuses Ali Zafar of Sexual harassment

Meesha Shafi

LAHORE: Pakistani Singer, model and actor Meesha Shafi said Thursday that pop singer and actor Ali Zafar sexually harassed her. Even though a number of Pakistani celebrities came forward to talk about their experiences of child sexual abuse as part of the #MeToo movement, this is the first time that ...

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