Friday, 3 April 2020

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Australian leader says Trump wanted ‘point of contact’ for Russia probe

Australia’s prime minister played down the significance of a call from Donald Trump as “brief and uneventful”, despite mounting controversy over a politically fraught offer to help the US president. Scott Morrison said Trump had simply asked him to establish “a point of contact” within Australia’s government for an investigation ...

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Australia to send warship and Defence Force to Middle East to support US

MELBOURNE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the move this morning, saying it was in support of US-led efforts to keep the Strait of Hormuz open for shipping. Mr Morrison said recent disruption to shipping in the region was a threat to Australia’s national interests. Australia has been considering joining the ...

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Australian PM egged on campaign trail

SYDNEY: Australia’s election became a little more raucous on Tuesday when a protestor tried – but failed – to crack an egg on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s head. The attacker’s egg, thrown from close range, appeared to bounce off the politician at a Country Women’s Association event in New South ...

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40 dead in terrorist attack at two Mosque shooting in Christchurch

CHRISTCHURCH: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says 40 people have died in the Christchurch shootings. Ten were killed at Linwood and 30 at the Deans Ave mosque near Hagley Park. A further 27 people were injured. Ardern said it was an “unprecedented” situation and described it as a terrorist attack. Those ...

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Australia gives $37-million boost to spending on youth mental health

Australia will spend an extra A$51.8 million ($37 million) on support to young people with mental health issues, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. The announcement comes a week ahead of a crucial by-election for Morrison’s ruling Liberal-National coalition, and the money will go to Headspace, a government youth group that ...

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Australia aged care scandals sparks national probe

SYDNEY: Australia will launch a national inquiry into its scandal-plagued aged care sector, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, following numerous reports of abuse, neglect and mismanagement. The announcement comes a year after a state-run dementia nursing home in South Australia state was shut when an investigation revealed horrific mistreatment of ...

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