Wednesday, 3 June 2020

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Bollywood’s Most Expensive Flick “2.0” Flops In China

BEIJING: Another Bollywood blockbuster hopeful has met with a disastrous end in China. “2.0,” dubbed as the most expensive Indian movie to date with a reported budget of US$82 million, is running to near-empty 11,000 cinema halls. Starring Indian superstars like Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, the sci-fi fantasy thriller has ...

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Nepal’s first robot waiter is ready for orders

KATHMANDU: “Please enjoy your meal,” says Nepal’s first robot waiter, Ginger, as she delivers a plate of steaming dumplings to a table of hungry customers. The poor Himalayan nation is better known for its soaring mountain peaks than technological prowess, but a group of self-taught young innovators are seeking to ...

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LG to develop smart shopping cart robot with E-mart

SEOUL: LG Electronics Inc. said Monday it inked an agreement with E-mart Inc., a retail giant in South Korea, to develop a new type of service robot that can assist shoppers at supermarkets. Under the agreement, the two companies will develop what they call a smart-cart robot that can automatically ...

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Small flying robots haul heavy loads

BERN: A closed door is just one of many obstacles that poses no barrier to a new type of flying, micro, tugging robot called a FlyCroTug. Outfitted with advanced gripping technologies and the ability to move and pull on objects around it, two FlyCroTugs can jointly lasso the door handle ...

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Robot hand learns human skills

SAN FRANCISCO:T hat’s how much virtual computing time it took researchers at OpenAI, the non-profit artificial intelligence lab funded by Elon Musk and others, to train its disembodied hand. The team paid Google $3,500 to run its software on thousands of computers simultaneously, crunching the actual time to 48 hours. ...

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