Monday, 18 June 2018

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1 dead in Paris stabbing, attacker Born in Chechnya

PARIS: A man wielding a knife in central Paris Saturday killed one person and wounded four others, shouting “Allahu akbar” – Arabic for “God is great” – prior to the attack. ISIS later claimed the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State.” Paris Prosecutor François Molins told reporters the ...

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European Stocks Edge Higher Before ECB

LONDON: Europe’s main stock markets rose Thursday on earnings news before the latest interest rate call from the European Central Bank. Frankfurt and London each nudged 0.2 percent higher and Paris rose 0.4 percent. With clouds gathering over the outlook for economic growth and inflation limping, ECB President Mario Draghi ...

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Paris is home to about 6 million rats

PARIS: It all started with a video shot late last year on the banks of the Seine, between the Musee d’Orsay and Pont Royal bridge in the French capital. The video, which has gone viral around the world since first being posted by the daily Le Parisien, shows garbage collectors ...

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Heavy snowfall halts public transport in Paris

Heavy snowfall in Paris

PARIS: Exceptionally heavy snowfall brought public transport in Paris and surrounding regions to a near halt Wednesday, spelling misery for commuters after hundreds were forced to abandon their cars to sleep in emergency shelters overnight. Icy streets were largely empty as officials urged people to leave vehicles at home following ...

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Trump orders Pentagon to plan Bastille Day-style military parade

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered Pentagon and White House officials to begin planning a military parade in Washington similar to the Bastille Day parade he witnessed in Paris in July, the Washington Post reported. At a meeting at the Pentagon on Jan. 18 that included Defense Secretary Jim ...

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Mallika Sherawat evicted from Paris flat over unpaid rent

PARIS: A French court has ordered that Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat be evicted from an apartment in a posh part of Paris for failing to keep up with the rent. In a December 14 ruling, the court told Sherawat and her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans to pay 78,787 euros ($94,000) ...

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Palestine’s Abbas rules out US peace plan after Jerusalem decision

GAZA: Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said that he would “no longer accept” any peace plan proposed by the United States, dealing a pre-emptive blow to a new initiative expected by Washington next year. The comments in Paris came hours after 128 members of the United Nations voted to condemn US ...

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50,000 Catalans march in Brussels to support exiled president

BRUSSELS: Around 50,000 protesters have taken to the streets outside EU institutions in Brussels in support of Catalan independence. The demonstration is partly in solidarity with exiled and disputed president Carles Puigdemont, who has himself fled to the EU capital in Belgium and is resisting extradition attempts. But the Thursday ...

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Two Britain-based EU agencies to be relocated to Amsterdam, Paris


BRUSSELS: After hours of fierce bargaining and compromising, ministers of 27 European Union (EU) members voted on Monday to relocate Britain-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) to Amsterdam and Paris respectively. Amid a lingering deadlock of Brexit talks, Monday’s relocation is largely seen as an ...

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