Sunday, 26 May 2019
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World’s precious metal set to blossom

LONDON: The world’s most expensive precious metal is set to get even pricier as a mining retreat in South Africa threatens a supply shortage. Rhodium – a byproduct of platinum mining that’s used in the chemical sector and by the auto industry in catalytic converters – has more than trebled ...

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China’s most expensive movie “Asura” becomes epic flop

BEIJING: With a $113-million budget, the most expensive Chinese film ever made has become a flop of historic proportions, pulled from theatres on its opening weekend after bringing in a paltry $7.3 million. Alibaba Pictures’ special effects-heavy fantasy film “Asura” was intended as the first instalment in an epic trilogy ...

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The worlds most expensive handbag sells for GBP 283,000

HONG KONG: A rare Hermès Birkin bag sold at auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong for a whopping $382,000 USD – (GBP 283,000),  setting a record for the priciest handbag ever sold at an auction. A similar style was scooped up at Christie’s for around $377,000 in 2016. The coveted ...

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