Friday, 19 July 2019

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Arctic Council countries fail to issue joint declaration

HELSINKI – The 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting concluding in Rovaniemi, northern Finland, on Tuesday failed to formulate a customary joint declaration due to disparities. It was the first time the meeting has not issued a declaration which would also act as a guideline for the next chairing country. As ...

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Debate over climate change dominates Finnish vote

HELSINKI: Voters in Finland are casting ballots in a parliamentary election after climate change dominated the campaign, even overshadowing topics like reforming the nation’s generous welfare model. Finland, a European Union member of 5.5 million people, has one-third of its territory above the Arctic Circle. Most political parties support government ...

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The world’s happiest countries in 2019

HELSINKI: The United Nations published the report on the happiest countries on the eve of the International Happiness Day which is celebrated on March 20 every year. Finland ranked as the world´s happiest country for the second year running while war-torn South Sudan sank to the least contented in The ...

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Calls for Huawei boycott get mixed response in Europe

LONDON: Europe is giving US-led calls for a boycott of Huawei 5G telecoms equipment a mixed reception, with some governments untroubled by spy suspicions against the Chinese giant, but others backing a ban. In the latest setback for the company, Huawei said Saturday it had fired an employee in Poland ...

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Pakistan becomes visa-free for many foreign tourists

ISLAMABAD: Encouraged by the positive response from foreign tourist organisations and backpackers, Pakistan has now decided to allow tourists from 24 countries to visit the country without visas. According to an official statement issued here on Friday by Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior group, tourists from the UK, the US, China, ...

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Russian Knife Attacker Stabs and Wounds at Least 7 in Siberia

MOSCOW: A man wielding a knife attacked and wounded seven people on the central street in the Siberian town of Surgut on Saturday, local news reports and Russian investigators said. The police later shot and killed the attacker, the Russian authorities said. The attack raised alarms about an expanding wave ...

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