Sunday, 24 March 2019

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Priyanka Chopra bans alcohol and cigarettes on sets

BOLLYWOOD: Priyanka Chopra always likes to do things differently. After having previously enhanced the working conditions of the female crew in their company, Purple Pebbles, Priyanka and mother Madhu have taken a step further to ensure a healthy working environment for children by banning cigarattes and alcohol on the sets ...

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Selena Gomez stays away from alcohol

LONDON: Selena Gomez is staying away from alcohol following her stint in rehab. The ‘Back to You’ hitmaker – who has spoken publicly about her mental health issues including anxiety and depression in the past – spent two weeks at the Privé-Swiss rehab facility in Connecticut in January in order ...

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Indonesia: 60 dead after drinking bootleg alcohol

Indonesian police remove a container filled with illegal alcohol from a house in Cicalengka district in West Java province on April 8, 2018.PHOTO: AFP BANDUNG: Over 60 Indonesians are dead and dozens have been hospitalised from drinking illegal homemade alcohol, authorities said Monday, with the toll steadily climbing. Police conducted ...

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The effects of sexsomnia

Sleep; a time for relaxation, peace and rejuvenation, orelaxationr, a time for sex! But how can a person engage in sex when asleep? Well, turns out, a person can. Sleep sex is not a myth; it is a real condition and is termed as sexsomnia. Where you may have heard ...

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Drinks industry distorts alcohol cancer risk: scientists

LONDON: The alcohol industry uses denial, distortion, and distraction to mislead people about the risks of developing cancer from drinking, often employing similar tactics to those of the tobacco industry, a study said on Thursday. Drinks industry organizations often present the relationship between alcohol and cancer as highly complex, implying there is ...

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Drinking alcohol regularly ‘protects against diabetes’

LONDON: Drinking alcohol most days a week can significantly protect against developing diabetes, research has shown. A study of more than 70,000 men and women found consuming alcohol three or four days a week was associated with a reduced risk of 27% in men and 32% in women, compared with ...

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