Monday, 18 February 2019
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Sudhir Mishra: Acting is not a wrestling match

Daas Dev

BOLLYWOOD: Sudhir Mishra’s upcoming film, ‘Daas Dev’, has a strong ensemble cast. However, in an interview , the film’s hero, Rahul Bhat, said that talented co-stars never make him insecure. “ With established and talented actors is always a challenge. You’ve to be on your toes and that’s quite an interesting experience. Ensemble cast ke saath kaam karne mein maza toh bahut aata hai,” he said.

On his part, Sudhir Mishra added, “Acting is not a wrestling match, all actors share the dais in a film. A good actor will always raise the bar for others and make his co-stars perform better. I believe that it’s a fantastic environment to work in. It can be an enriching experience.”

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