Monday, 30 March 2020

Speak Up Trojan Targets Mac, Linux

LONDON: A malware campaign distributing a new Backdoor Trojan named SpeakUp is currently targeting servers running six different Linux distributions and macOS by exploiting a number of known security vulnerabilities, while also managing to evade all anti-malware solutions in the process.

Backdoor Trojans are malware capable of providing attackers with access to compromised machines and to help them control those infected computers using commands sent via command-and-control (C&C) servers.

Researchers warned that the malware’s “obfuscated payloads and propagation technique is beyond any doubt the work of a bigger threat in the making. It is hard to imagine anyone would build such a compound array of payloads just to deploy few miners. The threat actor behind this campaign can at any given time deploy additional payloads, potentially more intrusive and offensive.”

In most cases, this type of malware allows bad actors to run campaigns designed to operate covertly while giving the attackers as much control over the infected machines as possible, in most cases leading to a complete takeover.

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