Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pyongyang Threatens the US with “Great Suffering and Pain”


PYONGYANG: North Korea threatened the United States to cause them the “greatest suffering and pain” if they continue to push the UN to tighten sanctions against Pyongyang after their sixth nuclear test. Reports Mediapool.

In a message distributed by the official KCTA agency, North Korea’s foreign ministry warns that if Washington passes “this illegal resolution for harsher sanctions, North Korea will do its best to repay for it.”


“The measures that will be taken will cause the United States the greatest suffering and pain in their entire history,” the ministry said. “The world will witness the way North Korea overcomes US ‘gangsters’ by undertaking a series of actions that will be the toughest ones they ever imagined,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said.

Today the United Nations Security Council was urged by Washington to adopt severe sanctions against North Korea accused of threatening peace with its nuclear and conventional weapons programs.

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