Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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Naseeruddin Shah’s Ajmer event cancelled after protests

BOLLYWOOD actor Naseeruddin Shah is receiving backlash on social media a day he expressed fear for his children in today’s India.

India Today had reported that Shah was concerned for his children because he imagines a situation where they may be surrounded by an angry extremists mob and asked: “Are you Hindu or Muslim?”

Referring to the recent violence sparked by the discovery of a cow death, in which a police officer was killed by a mob, he said India has already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance today than that of a police officer.

The Bollywood actor went on to say there is a “poison” that has spread in the Indian society. “It will be very difficult to capture this djinn [genie] back into the bottle.”

These remarks of veteran actor have created co controversy in India and Shah is being called a traitor.

Today Shah clarified that he made those comments as a ‘worried Indian’ and he has the right to express concerns.

He told reports, “What I said earlier was as a worried Indian. I have said this earlier as well. What did I say this time that I am being called a traitor? It is very strange,” Indian Express reported.

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