Thursday, 22 August 2019

Mimi Chakraborty protests to puppy massacre

TOLLYWOOD: Social media is grappling with the killing of dogs by Nilratan Government Hospital. Two people were detained and a case had been filed in this incident. The strong protest is going on besides social media.

And the celebrities also have joined in the protest. Tollywood’s popular actress Mimi Chakraborty protested such incident.

Her post has started circulating around the controversy in the social media.

Mimi has protested about the brutal incident of killing dogs on her Twitter account. She wrote to the accsed, “I wish you get beaten to death as the same way you did to them.”

 Mimi also wrote, “Yes, I know I being a public figure I cannot say all this. But I really and literally don’t care.”

Besides, she also wrote that there was no other joy left in her town.

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