Tuesday, 13 November 2018

‘Killed’ by social media: Razzaq say he is alive and well

LAHORE: Former Pakistan star cricketer Abdul Razzaq has quashed rumours of his death in a video message he recorded and shared a day ago in response to false reports about his accident on the social media.

A post started circulating on the social media claiming Razzaq died in a car accident in Lahore and people were quick to express shock and condolence without confirming the report from authentic sources.

As the post started getting viral and perhaps it reached Razzaq himself, he decided to shut it down in no time. In a video message, Razzaq said: “A post on social media [Facebook] said that I had an accident and I subsequently died… “There is no truth in such reports as I am alive and well.”

Expressing disappointment on the viral post, Razzaq said “People should refrain from posting such fake news on social media without properly investigating its veracity.”

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