Tuesday, 28 January 2020

It’s just the beginning: Sushmita Sen

BOLLYWOOD Actress Sushmita Sen, who has championed women’s causes for decades now, believes that the #MeToo movement is just at its inception.

“It’s just the beginning. We need to listen and believe. You have to understand the simple truth that when one person blames another, you may question it. But when 50 people blame the same person, there must be some truth to it. You should listen to people and give them a fair hearing; justice will prevail,” the actress says, adding, “Well done, women and men who are supporting the movement. It’s about time.”

The actress says that she’s glad to be able to witness this huge change and shift in power in her lifetime.

“I am very proud of everyone. And there’s no gender bias. I think the fact that people are standing up and expressing themselves is so powerful. I’ve gotten to see that in my lifetime, and it makes me very proud as a woman,” she concludes.

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