Thursday, 25 February 2021

Irina Shayk: Being a supermodel ‘means nothing’

LONDON: Irina Shayk claims being a supermodel ‘means nothing’ to her. The 32-year-old beauty insists she is ”just a human being” and admitted her agent wishes she cultivated a more glamorous image.

She told People magazine: ”It means nothing. I’m just a human being.

”I don’t wake up in hair and make-up and high heels. I literally love to wear the most comfortable clothes ever and sometimes when my agent sees me, he’s like, ‘Irina, this is not okay.’ And I’m like, ‘This is me.’ ”

The brunette beauty’s self-confidence has grown over the years but she is ”very critical” of and constantly trying to better herself.

She said: ”I don’t wake up and say, ‘Oh my god I’m so perfect.’ I wake up and say, ‘Maybe it’s time to go to the gym, I have cellulite.’ I’m very critical of myself. ”I feel like once you get too comfortable that’s the day you go down. I’m a Capricorn so I love to push myself to do better.

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