Thursday, 6 August 2020

I will never ‘buy’ an award: Adnan Sami

BOLLYWOOD: Pakistani-born Indian singer, musician, music composer, and pianist. Adnan Sami, revealed that he was once offered an award in barter to a free performance. Read on to know more.

Sharing an article, Shekhar Kapur on his Twitter handle wrote, “Bollywood film awards are not an appreciation of creativity, but a negotiation. Will you dance for me on stage if I give you an award? Terrific fearless expose by a journalist once in charge. Must read.”

The tweet reached Adnan Sami, who decided to narrate his part of the story. Sami revealed how he was told to perform free in return of an award. He also revealed that he turned down the offer and will never buy an award.

“Absolutely correct! I have faced similar ‘negotiations’ where they have wanted me to perform free of charge and bag the award… I told them to F*** Off- I will never ‘buy’ an award!! My dignity & self respect is all that I will take into my grave- nothing else!!,” Adnan Sami wrote.

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