Saturday, 21 April 2018


World’s first fully solar-power train makes its first trip

World’s first fully solar-power train makes its first trip

SYDNEY: With everything turning solar, trains too are using solar-power instead of the traditional ones, and the world’s first completely solar-powered train has just recently completed its first ride. The entirely solar-powered train took its initial short ride in Australia. The solar train was developed by ‘Byron Bay Railroad Company’ ...

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Exchange giant CME’s bitcoin futures get tepid take-up in debut


NEW YORK/LONDON/SYDNEY: Bitcoin futures got a muted reception after their debut on CME Group late on Sunday, with volumes in the tens of millions of dollars in the first 12 hours of trading, as warnings about the risks of bitcoin sounded ever louder. The launch of futures by the world’s ...

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Chinese Electric-Car Startup NIO Undercuts Tesla With Debut Model


LONDON: Chinese electric-car maker NIO has launched sales of its first vehicle three years after the company was founded, undercutting the price of a rival model from Tesla Inc. Chinese customers can buy the ES8 sports utility vehicle, with a range of 500 kilometers (311 miles) on a single charge, ...

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Hype over bitcoin borders on weird


LONDON: In the long history of money, there have been essentially two kinds. The first is a tangible commodity – usually, gold. The second is a “fiat currency,” created by a ruler with the power to compel use. The proposition underlying this year’s extraordinary bitcoin surge is that we are ...

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Uber hacked trade secrets, bribed foreign officials, court letter says


WASHINGTON: A former Uber employee has alleged that a special division within the global ride-hailing app was responsible for acts of corporate espionage, the theft of trade secrets, the bribery of foreign officials and several means of unlawful surveillance. The allegations against Uber were part of a latter dubbed as ...

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Yahoo parent sues Mozilla for replacing it with Google as Firefox default search


NEW YORK: Roughly three years ago, Yahoo and Mozilla announced that Yahoo would be the default search engine on Firefox in the US. That relationship ended early when Mozilla released the much-improved Firefox Quantum browser last month, with Google as the default search provider. Now, Yahoo’s parent company, Oath (Verizon), is suing Mozilla for breach ...

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What Really is a “Blockchain”?


LONDON: Much has been said about the revolutionary potential of the blockchain technology. Besides its current use as the backbone to verify and record digital transactions of Bitcoin, the blockchain technology has also been touted as the technology that can replace expensive accounting and payment networks in the financial industry, ...

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OnePlus 5T Charges Faster Than iPhone X, LG V30, Google Pixel 2

OnePlus 5T

LONDON: While smartphone vendors like Apple, LG, and Samsung lately ventured in the growing space of fast charging, it has been found through a new study that the Dash Charge technology on the OnePlus 5T outpaces the competition by offering fastest charging time. OnePlus first deployed its native fast charging ...

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Mi Mix 2: More screen than you can shake a stick at for 426 GBP


DUBAI: Xiaomi made a huge splash in the smartphone market last year when it launched the bezel-less Mi Mix, way ahead of rivals like Samsung and Apple. Sadly, it wasn’t as widely distributed as competing flagships and didn’t even make it to India, arguably the second largest market for the ...

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IBM aims to transform international payments with blockchain tech


LONDON: The blockchain has long been seen as a method to quicken (and cheapen) cross-border payments, and now that movement – which includes a number of startups making moves privately – just got its highest profile advocate after IBM announced its own solution focused on banks. The computing giant has ...

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