Saturday, 23 June 2018


President Hillary Clinton

After a gruelling campaign this election cycle is about to end. With so many of the world’s finest publications flocking together to endorse Hillary Clinton, it is hard to imagine that anything important would have been left unsaid. But there certainly is the question of wrong emphasis. In partisan politics ...

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How to Prevent Unhealthy Snacking from Destroying Your Diet

One of the hardest things in life is sticking to a healthy diet. Experts recommend you plan your meals in advance, so you aren’t tempted when faced with less-than-healthy alternatives. But, let’s face it—planning every meal can be really hard. And, for a lot of us, snacking is our downfall. ...

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A tobacco-free world?

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) opens its large conference in Delhi, India next week about tobacco and smoking, the whole conference site will certainly be tobacco-free, nothing less, of course, in the midst of the many puffing and tobacco-chewing poor Indians. The WHO conference goes under the name COP7, ...

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Kashmir burns once again

Indian authorities have imposed an indefinite curfew in most parts of Kashmir, following the killing of a top rebel commander in the disputed region. Indian officials have termed the killing of Burhan Wani, chief of operations of Indian Kashmir’s largest rebel group, HizbulMujahideen, as a major success against the fighters ...

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Wiki Leaks on Panama Leaks

The word ‘Leaks’ somehow exudes an aura of something sinister or done with a specific purpose by the powers or organizations who are the global movers and shakers. World watchers believe that the doctored information – taken out of context – leaked to the international media outlets is an effective ...

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Gaata Rahe Mera Dil

50 classic Hindi film songs With something for the masses as well as the aesthete, music has traditionally been the saving grace of Hindi cinema. It’s a case study in creative collaboration between people whose backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Authors Balaji Vittal  and Anirudha Bhattacharjee, on p.157 of their ...

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