Sunday, 28 May 2017


A growing role for women


International Women’s Day was an opportunity to highlight the important role that women play all over the world, including in Australia and Pakistan. The world today sees women excelling in all sectors of our societies contributing, as half of the population, to science and innovation, to economic development and national ...

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What Causes Bloating in Women

Bloating in Women

Bloating, which can also be described as swelling or a feeling of fullness, is quite a common occurrence in women. Most adult women have experienced this problem at some point or the other. The swelling can affect your whole body, or just a few parts, especially your abdomen, face, hands, ...

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Gurmehar’s silent battle for peace

Gurmehar Kaur 111

IT is not unlikely that Gurmehar Kaur or her mother has read Sahir Ludhianvi’s anti-war poetry. It is also possible they have read Charles Sumner’s views on human strife. Gurmehar echoes an earnest sentiment of the legendary Massachusetts senator who endured physical assault from rivals to oppose the politics of ...

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Understanding more about migration

I was glad last week, when a former Swedish politician, Carl Bildt, said that Sweden had become a better country thanks to a large number of immigrants having come to the land since the 1960s. Today, about 20 percent Swedes were born outside the country. Most live in the big ...

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Can ASEAN rise to the next level


ASEAN will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year as a momentous milestone for the region after five decades of success and achievements. This remarkable year will be led by the Philippines as the new ASEAN chair country. Proclaiming this year’s theme, “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World,” Philippine President Rodrigo ...

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AfPak Problem


Pakistan’s military strikes against terrorists inside Afghanistan have drawn a limited response from the international community. Kabul has strongly protested the move, as it was expected it would, but only the United States has intervened in this matter – and that too in a cautious manner. Senior officials at the Ministry ...

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Spate Of Attacks

zarb azab

There was barely time to take a breath from the attack in Lahore on February 13, when on Thursday, an explosion went off at the Sufi shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan in Sindh as a Sufi ritual was being performed. At least 75 people were killed in the blast ...

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Terror In Lahore

Pakistan had been enjoying a period of calm with a drop in terrorist attacks as well as optimistic outlooks for economic and social development. It was the turn of the worst yesterday when a bomb blast ripped right through the heart of Lahore, and hours later there was a blast ...

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The Changing Fields of Cricket

On par with the political world, cricketing circles are going through an upheaval of their own. In a recently concluded meeting in Dubai, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has agreed “in principle” to reverse the 2014 decision which effectively put India, England and Australia in control of the game’s finances ...

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Childhood faith

There is a beautiful Swedish hymn called ‘Barnatro’, Childhood Faith, by Einar Westling (1896-1971), which was popular in my childhood in Norway – and since Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are so similar languages, we have no problems understanding each others’ languages all over Scandinavia. The message in this hymn is ...

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