Monday, 25 January 2021


LVMH close to buying Tiffany for more than $16.3 billion

PARIS: French luxury group LVMH was hoping to clinch a deal to acquire US jewellers Tiffany after bidding more than $16 billion, according to a source close to the deal, confirming press reports. The deal would cost more than $16.65 billion once debt has been factored in, said the source, ...

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Oxford Names ‘Climate Emergency’ Its 2019 Word of the Year

LONDON: Oxford Dictionaries has named “climate emergency” as its 2019 Word of the Year, choosing it from an all-environmental shortlist that also included “climate action,” “climate denial,” “eco-anxiety,” “extinction” and “flight shame.” The Word of the Year citation is intended to highlight “a word or expression shown through usage evidence ...

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South Korean clinic performed abortion on wrong woman

SEOUL: An expectant mother who visited a medical clinic in Seoul, South Korea, last month to receive a nutritional shot woke up hours later to learn she had mistakenly been given an abortion, police said Wednesday. The police said they planned to ask prosecutors to indict the clinic’s doctor and ...

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New spy Jessica Chastain’s will have ‘Bond boys’

HOLLYWOOD: Jessica Chastain revealed that her new spy thriller 355 will have some ‘’eye candy’’ for female viewers to enjoy. Jessica Chastain has joked her new spy thriller ‘355’ will have Bond boys for women to lust over. The 42-year-old actress teased that the upcoming female-led ensemble movie – which ...

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‘Nuclear exchange’ between Pakistan, India ‘most likely’

WASHINGTON: The New York Times claimed that “a nuclear exchange” between Pakistan and India was “most likely” and that it was “not North Korea”. In an opinion piece, the NYT’s editorial board emphasised that although the Indo-Pak tensions have diffused, for now, the two countries’ “nuclear arsenals mean unthinkable consequences are ...

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Science Alone Won’t Save the Earth

Erle C Ellis – This planet is in crisis. The safe limits within which human societies can be sustained, the earth’s “planetary boundaries,” are being exceeded, a path leading inevitably toward collapse. The experts have spoken. Only if humanity heeds the science, reverses course and lives within earth’s natural limits ...

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