Monday, 11 December 2017


Revenge porn offenders face tougher penalties under proposals


LONDON: Revenge pornography offenders who widely circulate explicit pictures or send them to victims’ families will face the toughest penalties under new sentencing proposals. Guidelines have been drafted for courts dealing with defendants convicted of disclosing private sexual images without consent, an offence which carries a maximum prison term of ...

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Mother and son die after stabbing attack at home in West Midlands


LONDON: A mother and her 13-year-old son have died after being stabbed at their home in Stourbridge, West Midlands. The boy’s father is in hospital with critical stab wounds to his neck and back. Police were called to the house in Stourbridge around 8am this morning (30 March) where they ...

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Pink diamond worth millions shown in London ahead of auction

pink star

LONDON: Sotheby’s is displaying the startling “pink star” diamond in London before it’s auctioned in Hong Kong. The gem should fetch more than $60 million when put on the block April 4, which would represent a record for a pink diamond sold at auction. It said the 59.60-carat gem is ...

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Britain to launch EU exit process today


LONDON: Britain formally launches the process for leaving the European Union on Wednesday, a historic step that has divided the country and thrown into question the future of the European project. Just days after the EU’s 60th birthday, Britain is poised to become the first country ever to seek a ...

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Muslim and murderer? No: Sajid Javid MP


LONDON: You literally cannot be both a Muslim and a murderer, Sajid Javid, a cabinet minister in the Theresa May government, said on Monday. His remarks, made at an event to honour achievers in Britain’s Muslim community, came even as Scotland Yard continues to probe last week’s Westminster attack carried ...

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Mayor Sadiq Khan urges EU not to punish UK for Brexit


LONDON: The EU should not try to “instil fear” by threatening to “punish” the UK for Brexit with a bad deal, the London Mayor has warned Brussels. Sadiq Khan says the EU should not try to “secure its future by fear” and said a bad deal for Britain’s capital would ...

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Rape victim says judge ‘right about women’s drunkenness’


MANCHESTER: A rape victim whose attack led to a judge saying drunk women were putting themselves in danger has defended the comments, saying the judge was “right”. Megan Clark, 19, was raped by a man she met in Burger King when she was drunk after a night out in Manchester. ...

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Pakistan Grants Its ‘Last Jew’ Permission to Practice Judaism


LAHORE: Pakistan has allowed a 29-year-old Jewish activist Fishel Benkhald to change his religion from Islam to Judaism, an unusual move by authorities in the Muslim-majority country. In normal circumstances, it would have been a normal practice to let Benkhald choose a religion of his choice to fill in the ...

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