Thursday, 13 December 2018


Aussie flu: what are the symptoms and what should I do?


The flu has arrived, folks. With latest figures showing a doubling in the rates of ILI (influenza-like illness) in the community, it’s time to batten down the hatches in advance of what some experts have said will be an especially bad flu season. Predictions of so-called “Aussie flu” – a ...

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Facial yoga can make you look younger

Yoga has been a popular as an exercise and for overall well-being of the body. It has been extensively practised and loved by celebrities and people all over the world. As yoga evolves further, facial yoga has also been developed. It is a series of exercises that promise to do for ...

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The effects of sexsomnia

Sleep; a time for relaxation, peace and rejuvenation, orelaxationr, a time for sex! But how can a person engage in sex when asleep? Well, turns out, a person can. Sleep sex is not a myth; it is a real condition and is termed as sexsomnia. Where you may have heard ...

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These are the 100 worst passwords of 2017

LONDON: Need a New Year’s resolution? How about this one? Start taking password security more seriously. New research released by SplashData reveals that many people are still making woefully poor decisions when it comes to the passwords they use to secure their online accounts. As we all know, passwords often ...

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Inside the Royal Family’s Very Meghan Christmas

There was a general sense of astonishment among seasoned royal journalists when an announcement was made this week that Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle had been invited to spend Christmas Day at Sandringham with the queen. It wasn’t so much the content of the briefing – “You can expect to ...

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Improve sleep quality by opening doors and windows

A new study in Netherlands suggested that leaving a bedroom door or window open may help people sleep better. Open windows and doors helped reduce carbon dioxide levels and improve ventilation and air flow, which was related to better sleep quality for the healthy young adults in the study. “We ...

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The 5 Love Languages

Many people wonder, what happens to the love after you get married? This is the eminent question and the content of the book ‘The 5 Love Languages ‘ revolving around this very core question. There are five ways that people speak and understand love . We name it love language ...

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Scientists make breakthrough towards creating artificial life

In a major step toward creating artificial life, US researchers have developed a living organism that incorporates both natural and artificial DNA and is capable of creating entirely new, synthetic proteins. The work, published in the journal Nature, brings scientists closer to the development of designer proteins made to order ...

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Being unsocial may boost your creativity

Everyone needs an occasional break from the social ramble, but sometimes unsociability or distancing yourself from people may help improve creativity, reveals a study. According to researchers from the University at Buffalo in New York, some people withdraw themselves due to non-fearful preferences for solitude. Lead study author Julie Bowker ...

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