Monday, 24 April 2017


Talking periods: Angry Girl and her disgruntled online crusade


What’s in a name? Aunty agayi hain, laal mere dil ka haal hai, shut down for maintenance, tabyat kharab or simply ‘lady’ troubles. A period called by any other is still as terrible. Now English and Urdu are beautiful languages but the way we’ve been using them to talk about periods? ...

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Woman wins car after kissing it for 50 long hours


NEW YORK: A US woman won a brand new car on Wednesday by keeping her lips locked on it for 50 hours. Dilini Jayasuriya got the keys to a 2017 Kia Optima LX after winning a drawing that included the six other people who had finished the “Kiss a Kia” ...

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Sold into slavery: India’s lost generation of missing children

india 7

     Nita Bhalla – It was a balmy August afternoon last year when 11-year-old Piyush Sharma disappeared while playing outside his home in the small east Indian town of Hatia. The skinny little boy, with big brown eyes and an infectious smile, had just returned from school and told his ...

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Lack of sleep impairs memory formation

Lack of sleep

Researchers from the University of Michigan provided some answers with their new study showing that sleep deprivation interferes with the rhythm of neuronal firing in a region of the hippocampus called CA1.  The hippocampus is the brain structure responsible for the formation of long-term memories. Study leader Nicolette Ognjanovski, along ...

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Oral Sex Can Give You Cancer

cause cancer 1

YOU already know that cancer is a monster always bringing death to us. To that, you’re hereby updated that about 500,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. A recent research came up with this information – oral sex increases the risk of getting a head and neck ...

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So I Learnt From My Husband To Be A Good Wife

Husband Wife good

So girls mostly think that marriage is a cup cake and life would be easy once you’re married, but what is the basic and important element that makes the two a little uneasy? That’s patience my friends. So what do we trade in this relationship? Is it only love? Or ...

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Scientists solve mystery behind Mona Lisa’s smile


Scientists have finally answered the most debatable question: whether the Mona Lisa is smiling or not? It turns out, the Mona Lisa, immortalised by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503, is smiling! This is according to researchers from the University of Freiburg, who tested survey participant reactions to portraits. The team digitally ...

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Unusually hot or cold weather could affect babies’ weight

babies’ weight

RESEARCHERS found that women who experienced unusually hot or cold weather during pregnancy were at increased risk for having babies with a low birth weight, even when the baby was not born prematurely. Given that global climate change is expected to lead to an increase in extreme weather events, including ...

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New AIDS vaccine ‘cures’ 5 patients without drugs


New AIDS vaccine ‘cures’ 5 patients, report claims A vaccine, developed by researchers in Spain, helped five HIV patients remain virus-free seven months after taking the treatment, a report claims. The treatment allowed the patients to stop taking regular antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. ARV drugs are the current method being used ...

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Are e-cigarettes the best way to kick your smoking habit?

E cigarette

The last of the shishas have been extinguished in the capital, but at a swanky new retail outlet, well-heeled men lean over a wood-panelled counter, inhaling what appears to be smoke from small electronic devices. But as they are quick to clarify, it is not smoke, but vapour. Dense, white ...

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