Sunday, 7 March 2021

Health & Fitness

Your Obesity May Have Been Determined Before You Were Born

Women who gain excessive weight or develop diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to have obese children even when the babies start out at a normal size, a study suggests. Previous research has linked greater pregnancy weight gain and blood sugar spikes – a hallmark of diabetes – to higher ...

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Brave New World: UK Is First To Legalize Three-Parent Babies

LONDON: Babies made from two women and one man have been approved by the UK’s fertility regulator. The historic and controversial move is to prevent children being born with deadly genetic diseases. Doctors in Newcastle – who developed the advanced form of IVF – are expected to be the first ...

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PM Theresa May signals £2bn a year science funding increase

LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled plans to invest an extra £2bn a year in science by 2020. The promised money will be for emerging fields of research in which the UK excels, such as robotics, artificial intelligence and biotech. The investment is part of an industrial strategy the ...

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UK patients might have to show ID to access some NHS services

LONDON: Officials are examining whether patients should have to show ID to get some elements of NHS care. The Department of Health said it is looking into some methods that are already being employed across some parts of the NHS to claw back money from foreign NHS users. Chris Wormald, ...

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Chinese doctor grows new ear on man’s arm

JIAOTONG: In a major breakthrough in the medical field, Chinese doctors treating a man who lost his right ear in a car accident have helped him grow an artificial ear on his arm, the China Daily reported on Thursday. The patient, identified only as Ji, who is in his late ...

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How to Prevent Unhealthy Snacking from Destroying Your Diet

One of the hardest things in life is sticking to a healthy diet. Experts recommend you plan your meals in advance, so you aren’t tempted when faced with less-than-healthy alternatives. But, let’s face it—planning every meal can be really hard. And, for a lot of us, snacking is our downfall. ...

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